Tips of vibration analysis in grinding machines

When precision dies grinding, it is very difficult to solve the problem of vibration of the grinding machine. Because the vibration of the machine tool directly affects the effect of the dies processing. For example, the surface finish is poor.

If it is precision molding grinding such as plug-in connector molds or cutting grooves, it cannot be dressed because of the vibration of the machine. Because sometimes the grinding wheel needs to be dressed to a thickness of 0.1-0.13mm, if there are unstable factors of the vibration of the grinding machine, the grinding wheel exploded. So how do we deal with the vibration of the surface grinder?

How to Reduce the Effect of Vibration in Grinding Wheel

First, check the flat of the ground, if the level of the anchor screw is not adjusted, it will cause the machine to resonate. Because sometimes the ground level of the processing site is not very good, so adjust the horizontal screw to make the machine reach the level of height. First, we need to check whether every screw of the foot is put into place on the floor mat.

Secondly, if the above actions are carried out, the vibration is still not eliminated. We should check whether the ground floor is empty, if the ground is terrazzo or floorboard, it will be relatively strong. If it is cement ground, the ground will be empty and cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? Don’t worry, go to the rubber hardware store to buy several black rubber pads with a thickness of 6-10mm and a size of 10cm. And the size of the floor mat is slightly larger. Loosen the anchor screw and put the rubber pad under the horizontal foot mat, which can reduce the vibration.

How to Reduce the Effect of Vibration in Production Grinding

Thirdly, if the above actions are taken and the vibration is still not eliminated, we should check the problems of the grinding wheel and flanges fixed by the grinding wheel.
First is the grinding wheel. The quality of the grinding wheel on the market is not the same. Two factors affect the vibration of the grinding wheel.

One is that the grain size of the grinding wheel is not uniform, and the center of gravity is unstable when it is rotated. The other is that the inner hole is not standard and too large. For example, the grinding machine flange hole diameter is 31.75mm, but the grinding wheel hole diameter is 32mm, it will cause a vibration when it is fixed on the grinding machine. So we should ask the specifications when purchasing the grinding wheel. It is suggested that we should buy a better grinding wheel.

Firstly, it will affect the processing effect.

Secondly, it is dangerous to crack and explode during the grinding process.

Thirdly, the poor balance of the grinding wheel will seriously affect the life of the grinding spindle. For the flange, everyone will think of the proofreading balance, in fact, the flange of the small precision hand grinder is not to be balanced. If there is vibration, it may be the above reasons. Try another wheel, or if the flange is not balanced, then load the balance block, then remove the balance block and install it. If not, change one new flange.

In the case of the vibration problems of the grinding machine,

Fourthly is the environment. It is impossible to place the machine tool with large vibration such as a punching machine or lathe near the same working site of the precision surface grinder. It is easy to cause resonance.

How to judge? It is very simple. You should need to stop the grinding machine and start the punching machine or lathe. And touch the grinding machine, you feel the vibration, that is affected. The treatment method is to separate the workshop.

Fifthly, if the above series of actions still fail to eliminate the vibration, it may not be the scope that you can handle. It may be that the spindle of the grinding machine has a long time to vibrate itself, the inner bearing or the motor is broken, or it may be the problem of the structure of the machine tool and the assembly, should notify the manufacturer to deal with it.


In the case of vibration analysis in grinding machines, we should eliminate faults step by step from simple rectification measures to complex rectification measures, saving manpower and time costs.