MVR 220 CNC Vertical Honing Machine

  • High grinding precison
  • High efficiency
  • Good cost performance
  • Stable performance

The vertical honing is to install the workpiece in the workbench or the fixture without moving. The honing head is driven by the spindle of the machine tool to perform the rotary and reciprocating motion to achieve the honing of the workpiece. The vertical honing machine has a short spindle working stroke and is suitable for honing the cylinder and box hole. Both the workpiece and the honing head can be designed as a floating connection.

Advantages of honing:

  1. Honing not only can reduce the surface roughness, but also can dress and improve the geometrical accuracy of the hole. The roundness and cylindricity to be controlled within 0.005mm and the hole diameter tolerance can be controlled within 0.005-0.025mm. The honing surface has no sand, burns, crack defects.
  2. The crosshatch formed in the honing is good for the formation of the oil film. If it is a sealing element with good anti-leakage effect, wear resistance and long service life, it is especially suitable for surface processing with the precise matching of relative motion.
  3. In the case that the honing head or the workpiece can float, the precision of the machine tool is required low.
  4. Compared with grinding, honing has low labor intensity, low production efficiency, easy automation and easy clean of the machined surface.

Working principle of the vertical honing machine:

Working principle of vertical honing machine

MVR220 vertical honing machine technical parameters:

  • Aperture: 19-203mm (0.75 – 8.00 inch), please contact us when the workpiece is more than the machining aperture range.
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 680 kg (1500 lbs)
  • Spindle power: 2.2 kW (3 hp)
  • Spindle speed: 90 to 350 RPM, continuously variable
  • Stroke power: 0.75Kw (1 hp)
  • Stroke speed: 40 to 90 times/min, continuously variable
  • Maximum stroke length: 0-225MM (0 to 9 inches)
  • Hole length range: up to 470mm (18inch), please contact us when honing is over the length of the workpiece.
  • Machine size: L2400MM×W2000MM×H2200MM
  • Machine weight: 1150Kg
  • Coolant: Industrial Honing Oil (CMB-30-55)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 208 liters
  • Cooling pump motor: 0.75Kw
  • Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3ph

MVR220 vertical honing machine performance features:

  • Equipped with PLC computer to control the color operation screen. The imported PLC processor and display touch screen are used.
  • The display shows the torque in the upper, middle and lowers three different positions of each hole to determine the consistency of the aperture.
  • Can process large parts up to 680 kg (1500 lbs).
  • The vertical stroke mechanism guarantees higher geometric accuracy than other similar equipment, especially in the machining of profiled workpieces.
  • The new 2.2 kW (3hp) servo drive stroke system increases flexibility and machining accuracy. The stroke servo control guarantees the internal mesh consistency and precisely controls the angle of the mesh, and short strokes and short pauses can be realized at any position of the hole, and the end of the hole can also achieve high precision honing.
  • The PLC computer controls the bottom short honing to achieve high-precision honing of blind holes.
  • The workbench is extremely simple. The clamping is very convenient and reliable regardless of the shape of the workpiece. When changing different workpieces, the fixture cost is extremely cheap.
  • The special honing head is widely used. The various honing stones made of imported abrasive has excellent performance, which greatly reduces the cost of the honing tool.
  • Example of machining accuracy: machining ceramic/cast iron cylinder liner with diameter 100mm*hole length 200mm, allowance is within 0.15-0.20, rough and finish honing, use different grain size diamond honing stones, the processing time is 5-8 minutes, and the cylindricity can reach within 0.003 and the roughness can reach within Ra0.2 after processing.

Application of MVR220 vertical honing machine:

      MVR220 machine tool is designed for large and medium-sized production of large parts including various automotive engine block trial workshop processing, automotive engine refurbishment maintenance, various automotive cylinder repair and maintenance industries, large diesel engine connecting rod processing, large compressor cylinder processing , compressor cylinders for train air conditioners, oilfield components, porous natural gas/diesel cylinders, various cylinder liners, brake drums, large hydraulic components, and other similar applications. The machine is the first large-scale part honing system in the domestic market with excellent competitiveness. The price is only one-third of the same type of imported one, and some functions are only available on imported machine tools that are 5-10 times more expensive.

Application of MVR220 vertical honing machine

Process requirements before honing:

  1. Before honing processing: There should be no hardened layer on the surface to be machined before honing. The hardened layer should be completely removed before honing to ensure the stability of processing accuracy.
  2. Hole size before honing: Strictly control the dimensional tolerance of the hole before honing to ensure reasonable honing margin.
  3. Choose the honing stones when the processing: Do not use passivated honing stone. According to the actual processing material, choose diamond honing stones and CBN honing stones.
  4. Surface requirements before honing: The surface to be honed has not any oxide layer (decarburized layer, rust, etc.) paint, grease to avoid block honing stones.

vertical honing machine head sunnen

Selection of honing fluid:

The cutting fluid should be used for honing. The purpose is to absorb heat and cool the workpiece and honing stones. Wash the surface of the workpiece and honing stones, and wash away the peeling off abrasive residue to avoid blocking the honing stones, forming the oil film on the contact surface between the honing stone and the workpiece to improve the working condition.

Honing fluid user requirement:

  1. honing fluid should be clean and free of impurities. The impurities will block the honing stone, stuck the honing head and scratch the surface of the workpiece.
  2. Honing temperature: Control the cutting temperature should below 35 °C to avoid vibration, affecting the honing accuracy and the quality of the machined surface. In addition to the large volume of the oil tank, it is better to have an automatic cooling device in the cooling lubrication system.
  3. Control of honing fluid:

The honing fluid of the vertical honing machine should be supplied continuously during the working process.

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