The Best Alternative of Sunnen Honing Stone

1.1 Briefly

1.2 Why choose us

1.2.1 High-cost performance

1.2.2 Stable product quality technology of honing stone Manufacturing process of metal powder Mixing process Assembly process Molding process of honing stone with base Quality inspection standard

1.3 Supply types of honing sticks (stones)

diamond sunnen honing stone sitcks

1.1 Briefly

Sunnen company specialized in the research of honing technology and the production of honing machines, as the earliest company engaged in honing industry. This company also produces high quality honing tools, Sunnen honing stones(include super-abrasive honing stone, ordinary honing stone), high precision measuring tables and various honing cutting fluids. The products have the features of high precision, high efficiency, wide applicability, and simple operation. They play an important role in the fields of aerospace, automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, hydraulic and pneumatic, petroleum machinery, mining machinery industry, and etc.

Honing stick is an important part of the honing process. With excellent durability and high accuracy, Sunnen honing stones have a high reputation in the honing industry.

Superabrasive honing stones(sticks) are Newdiamondtools company important products. There are diamond and CBN, mainly metal bond. They can effectively replace Sunnen honing stone. About choosing Diamond Stone, can stone or conventional honing stone, please read How to correctly choose the honing stick (stone) and honing parameters

CBN sunen honing sticks stone

1.2 Why choose us the alternative of Sunnen honing stone

1.2.1 High-cost performance

In recent years, China’s honing technology is also developing rapidly. We learned from the experience of international production, and have made our own innovations. Now we adopt high-quality diamond and CBN raw materials, and constantly improving the production process. We supply Diamond and CBN honing stone (sticks) with excellent performance, which can replace the honing stones of Sunnen and other countries. As we all know, China is an important manufacturer of CBN and diamond powder, and the raw material cost is low, so our superhard honing stone (stick) is an ideal to replace Sunnen honing stone and other brand honing stone with a high performance-price ratio.

1.2.2 Stable product quality

Stable quality comes from a strict design process, manufacturing process, and inspection process.

diamond cbn sunnen honing mandrel sticks stone head Design technology of alternative of Sunnen honing stone

A.Parameters of honing stone: honing stone specification; superhard types and models; superhard grain size; superhard concentration; metal bond

B.Design of honing stone

B.1 Select honing stone specifications according to honing equipment, honing mandrel structure and workpiece specifications.

B.2 Select the superhard types and models upon the material of the workpiece. For example, diamond honing stone(sticks) are often used for processing ceramics, copper and other non-ferrous metals, cast iron, and carbides. CBN honing stones(sticks) are often used for processing all kinds of alloy steel, hard chromium and etc. However, there is no absolute correspond relationship between the workpiece material and abrasive types, for example, diamond or CBN honing stones(sticks) can both process cast iron. Diamond honing stones(sticks) can achieve good results when honing automobile connecting rods (made of various alloy steels).

B.3 Select abrasive grain size and concentration according to honing process requirements-workpiece surface roughness, tolerance of shape and position, honing allowance, flat top honing process parameters, and etc. Rough honing stones select coarse grain size abrasives for removal of larger margins. Finish honing stones select fine grain size abrasives to ensure low surface roughness of workpiece. Abrasive concentration for surface titanium-plated can be appropriately low. Every kind of honing stones has the best concentration range, which is too high or too low, and then honing stones are low efficiency.

B.4 Selection of metal bond Sunnen honing stone

Honing characteristics require that select metal bond with low wear resistance to improve the honing stones self-sharpening. The wear resistance of metal bond is related to the features of the workpiece being processed, honing process parameters and its own mechanical-physical properties. When the workpiece and honing process are determined,

the wear resistance of metal bond depends on its strength, hardness, elastic modulus, ductility, etc. mechanical-physical properties. The metal bond used in honing stones manufacturing has features of low strength, high brittleness, high hardness, low wear resistance, and low sintering temperature. Usually, bronze (Cu-Sn) bond is used.

diamond CBN honing stick stone Manufacturing process of Sunnen honing stone of metal powder

Because the metal powder is to be oxidized easily, it needs to be reduced before using. At present, mainly use hydrogen to reduce and treat metal powder.

Equipment: hydrogen reduction furnace, directly into high purity hydrogen.

Reduction method: Place metal powder in a special material tray and lay it flat. The thickness of the material layer is 20-30 mm. Push the material tray into the middle of the furnace. Open the power supply and heat it, while into the hydrogen. When the temperature rises to the reduction temperature, The timing begins. After heat preservation time is over, push the material tray to the cooling zone, and open the cooling water to the room temperature, and open the furnace door and take the metal powder out. Mixing process

Mixing equipment: three-dimensional eddy mixer

Mixing process: Select the types and weight of metal powder according to the process sheet, weigh accurately, sift after mixing, and put into the mixing barrel and add proper amount of steel balls, and install on the mixing machine, and mix the powder according to the scheduled time, and sift after taking out the powder, and check with naked eye or microscope before using. Assembly process

Weigh the superhard accurately, add wetting agent( alcohol, glycerin) to mix, then add metal powder mixing (if large, use machine mixing) and sift, and weigh the non-working layer powder into the die accurately, scrape and compact, and weigh the working layer powder into the die, and scrape and compact, and press the head.

diamond honing stone sunnen Molding process

A: Hot pressed process

Equipment: Resistance heating machine, vacuum system, infrared or thermocouple temperature measurement.

Hotly pressed process:

Temperature: It is the most important parameter in hotly pressed process. The sintered temperature is determined according to the bond composition.

Pressure: The unit pressure of Sunnen honing stone is 20-30 MPa.

Heat preservation time: The heat preservation time is determined according to the Sunnen honing stones specification. The stone size is large, and the heat preservation time is long. Otherwise, heat preservation time is short.

Atmosphere: Sintering in the vacuum can make the densification of CBN and diamond honing stone and protect graphite mold.

B: Cold pressed sintered process

Equipment: press (pressing), bell furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace (sintering).

Cold pressed-sintered process:

Pressure: The unit pressure is 100-150 MPa.

Temperature: The sintering temperature of the same Sunnen honing stone of cold pressed sintered process is higher 30-50℃ than that of the hot pressing process.

Atmosphere; hydrogen can be used as a protective atmosphere.

sunnen honing stones of Sunnen honing stone with base

(1) Welding

Equipment: high-frequency welding machine

Solder: select low melting point solder and the melting point is lower than 200℃ of hot pressing temperature. After melting, the solder is good for diamond &cbn honing stone and base on wetting.

Process: clean the diamond &cbn honing stone and base, and put the base in welding fixture, and coat flux on the welding machine, and put a stone on the welding machine, and then sandblasting after welding.

(2) Adhesive

Glue: use an epoxy super structural adhesive

Process: Select the groove structure for a stone base. Clean the diamond &cbn stone base, mix the glue and coat on the stone base, and then put on the stone leveling for 24 hours, and clean up.

sunnen diamond honing stone Quality inspection standard

Firstly, it meets the requirements of workpiece processing quality. Secondly, the alternative of Sunnen honing stone should have high efficiency and long working life, and be integrated with the workpiece, honing equipment, fixtures and honing process to analyze.


Superabrasive Sunnen Honing Stone Industrial Evaluation Standard


Item Content Remark
Workpiece machining quality Surface roughness(Ra、Rz) Meet the process requirements
Flat top honing index:R k, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2
Tolerance of shape and position:Cylindricity、Straightness、Roundness
Textured condition Clean textured surface, neat and no scratch

Machining efficiency of Sunnen honing stone

Time(s) for processing a set of a workpiece(times of one honing)
Heating status of a workpiece High efficiency can reduce workpiece heat
Voice condition when processing The swish of honing stone indicates high efficiency. Noise indicates stones low efficiency.
Life of Sunnen honing stone Workpiece quantity for each set of honing stones Long life stone is better


1.3 Supply types of Sunnen honing stones (sticks)

Replacement standard Sunnen honing stones (sticks) D6,K3,K4,K5,K6,K8,K10,K12,K16,K20,P28,R28,L3,L4,L5,L6,L8,L10,L12,L16,L20,Y8,Y10,Y12,Y16,Y20

Non-standard Sunnen honing stones (sticks)series: SK6.SK8.SK10.SK12.B8.B10.B12.B16.B20.L6-80.L8-80.L12-114.L16-150.L120-150

Super long specifications: Multi-stones honing head can be used for the bore diameter ofφ15-70, and diamond and CBN honing stones (sticks) are D4,D6,D8. The longest honing stick can be 150mm. Multi-stones honing head can be used for bore diameter of blind hole ofφ15-70, and honing stones (sticks) are MD4,MD6.

The Best Alternative of Sunnen Honing Stone 2019 1

We supply diamond and CBN honing stones (sticks) to honing equipment of NAGEL, GEHRING, KADIA, FUJI, NISSIN. They can process automobile engine cast iron cylinder block, crankshaft series hole, connecting rod, gear, diesel locomotive cylinder block, cylinder liner, connecting rod, brake drum, etc.

diamond cbn superabrasive honing stone stick

Customized services

In addition to providing Sunnen honing stones (sticks), our company can also supply the customization of honing head, honing mandrel, and etc.. It can match SUNNEN, NAGEL, GEHRING, KADIA, FUJI, NISSIN honing machine brands.

sunnen diamond cbn honing head