Single-pass honing tools


2.Single-pass honing process:

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Single-pass honing tools are also called reaming honing the blade, and used for single pass honing process. The single pass honing process is developed on the basis of traditional honing and incorporates some features of reaming hole processing, but there are differences and relations between them.

diamond metal bonded Single-pass honing tool sticks

Single-pass honing process:

Single-pass honing process (reaming honing process) was initiated by Barnes and developed by GEHRING and NAGEL. Now it has become a kind of precision inner hole processing technology.

Main features of single pass honing process: Compared with the traditional honing process, the honing head has been set to the final processing size required for the workpiece. So the cutting process of single pass honing only needs 1-3 reciprocating strokes. The honing head can remove the metal layer of the thickness of 2-20MM. After reaming honing, the shape and dimension accuracy of holes can be improved. And the surface roughness can reach Ra0.32, and the dimension accuracy can be 1T1. The most important feature of reaming technology is to improve the position accuracy of holes to a certain extent.

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Single-pass honing is mainly used for inner hole processing. It can also be divided into vertical and horizontal type according to the position of honing shaft. Usually, the opening mode of honing sticks is not hydraulic, but mechanical. The honing head usually applies internal cooling mode according to the cooling mode of honing sticks.

The main parameters of the honing head are rotation and reciprocating. The circumferential speed is30-50M/min, which is similar to that of traditional honing. But the reciprocating speed is 0.5-6m/min, which is much lower than that of traditional honing.

electroplated diamond single pass honing tools sticks

Types and applications of single pass honing tools:

There are electroplated and metal sintered diamond single pass honing tools according to the technology.

diamond metal bonded Single-pass honing tools sticks


The single pass honing tools should be installed in the multi-axis reamer. From the first axis to the last axis, the outer diameter of the reamer increases in turn, and the diamond grains coated on the honing reamer become finer. Then, after several reamers honing, the inner hole of the part is gradually enlarged and the roughness is reduced. After the last reamer, the required size, roughness and shape accuracy of the part can be achieved.

electroplated diamond single pass honing tool sticks


The most important is that choose high-quality single pass honing tools, fixtures and suitable technology, and then, the single pass honing process can achieve the expected accuracy.

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