High Quality Resin bond Diamond Grinding Wheels

  • High grinding efficiency
  • Good self-sharpening, less blocking, less surface burn of workpiece
  • Grinding wheel has certain elasticity, improving the surface roughness, used for grinding, semi-finish grinding, polishing and other process
  • Easy to make complex wheels.

Resin bond diamond grinding wheel is a kind of circular bonded abrasive with through-hole in the center. It is made of diamond powder and resin bond. It is composed of the diamond layer, transition layer, and matrix.
Types of Resin Bond:
There are phenolic resin and polyurethane resin.

The actual working temperature of phenolic resin diamond grinding wheel does not exceed 120°C, but the polyurethane resin bond grinding wheel can be used at 260°C.

Compared with vitrified bond or metal bond diamond grinding wheels, resin bond diamond grinding wheel has a simple manufacturing process, easy to obtain the raw materials and the cost is low. Low-quality diamond powder can be widely used

Dressing easily and good surface quality of the workpiece

Applications of resin bond diamond grinding wheel

Resin diamond wheels are used for tungsten carbide tools, automotive glass, PDC, PCD, PCBN, ceramics, sapphire, optical glass, and magnetic materials.

Resin bond diamond grinding wheel features small grinding force, less grinding heat, good self-sharpening, high efficiency, and high surface finish. It is mainly used for cutting, finish grinding, semi-finish grinding, sharpening, and polishing.

It has been widely used for processing precious ceramic, semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, and metal materials.

resin bond diamond grinding wheels for carbide tools drill bit

Resin bond diamond grinding wheel is widely used in the grinding of tungsten carbide circular saw blade. The grinding edge is smooth, and it is sharp and has a long service life.

Resin bond diamond lapping wheel is used for display screen processing instead of traditional free abrasive lapping. It can improve the processing efficiency of the display screen and surface quality, and reduce the cost.it can precision grind the IC silicon wafer. It has a high material removal rate and good surface roughness.

Resin diamond grinding wheel is used for finish grinding tungsten carbide tools and can obtain high finish of the workpiece. it can obtain high surface quality in grinding natural diamond.

it can be used for super finish grinding Polycrystalline diamond and Cubic boron nitride tools.

resin diamond grinding wheels for sharpening carbide saw blades

How to choose the bond of resin bond diamond grinding wheel

  1. Good binding

The bond can be evenly distributed on the surface of abrasives, and hold abrasive grains firmly in the resin bond diamond grinding wheel. And it can be firmly bonded to the matrix. It can make the abrasives do not fall off easily in the early, and avoid the separation of the bond and the matrix to ensure product safety.

  1. High grinding efficiency, good wear resistance, and good finish

Resin bond has elasticity and brittleness, so it has good self-sharpening and not block, but poor wear resistance. Therefore, resin bond diamond grinding wheel should have both high grinding efficiency and high wear resistance under the condition of ensuring the requirement of surface roughness. The bond formula is very important for the wheel. Resin bond diamond grinding wheel with both grinding efficiency and wear resistance can meet the requirements of processing and reduce the cost.

  1. Good heat resistance

If the heat resistance of the resin bond is poor, the grinding wheel will not bear high temperature and consume quickly and make the wheel burns and cracks because of the high grinding heat. Therefore, should choose the bond with good heat resistance and add appropriate fillers to improve the heat resistance for resin bond diamond grinding wheel. At the same time, wet grinding with coolant is used to improve the durability of the grinding wheel. If dry grinding, the feed amount is as small as possible to improve the durability.

  1. High bond strength

The strength of bond directly affects the grinding efficiency, consumption, workpiece quality and safety performance of grinding wheel.

The factors affecting bond strength:

  1. Adding the filler can make the bond strength increase or decrease. The bond strength increase after adding the fillers, and with the increase of the amount of filler in a certain range, the bond strength increases, but the grinding ratio decreases. After adding some fillers such as graphite and molybdenum disulfide solid, the bond strength is reduced. Choose fillers reasonably according to the machining conditions.
  2. The forming density of abrasive( Porosity of abrasive)

If the forming density of abrasives is low and the porosity of abrasive is high, and the bond strength is low.

  1. The hardening temperature, secondary hardening temperature of resin bond diamond grinding wheel and the temperature-rising curve will affect the bond strength.
  2. The hardness of the bond must be suitable and the wear resistance should be good. The bond strength must be matched with the wear rate of diamond grains to avoid this situation that is the bond abrasion is too fast and the abrasive grains fall off too early, and then the abrasives cannot grind.

resin bonded diamond grinding wheel

Selection of the abrasives of resin bond diamond grinding wheel:

There are the detailed classification of diamond abrasives in the world and China. Among them, low quality diamond abrasives or diamond abrasives with high self-sharpening and

micro crushed treated by the special process are mainly used for resin bond diamond grinding wheels. For example, E6 company provides diamond abrasive PDA433, PDA321,PDA311,PDA211, and etc.

RVD type diamond abrasive is widely used in resin bond diamond grinding wheels in China. Its grains are mostly needle-like, irregular crystal shape, low strength, high brittleness, rough surface but sharp grinding. It has good bonding with the resin bond. In recent years, polycrystalline CSD diamond abrasives have been used in resin bond diamond grinding wheel, and significantly improved the sharpness.

Diamond coated abrasives: After metal-coated diamond surface, the compressive strength of single grain has been improved, while the wear ratio has been reduced, and the service life has been prolonged.

  1. The coating slows down the thermal pulse of resin bond, and the thermal conductivity of the diamond coating is smaller than that of the diamond. Therefore, the instantaneous high temperature generated when diamond grains contacting tools pass to the resin through the coating, thus protecting the resin which is closed to the abrasives part from the high-temperature damage.
  2. The coating improves the bonding strength between diamond and bond. The metal coating wraps diamond, and the external can bond well with a resin bond.
  3. The coating improves the crushing strength of diamond grains. And the defects of diamond grains are remedied after metal plating, which plays a reinforcing role. The coating contains tough metals, which is good for improving the crushing strength of diamond grains.
  4. The coating can isolate and protect abrasive from external oxygen and other harmful media. While the coating can inhibit the graphitization of diamond crystals at high temperature.   

Resin bond Diamond Grinding Wheels Specification resin diamond grinding wheel specifications

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