Active vacuum brazed technology is a kind of high temperature melting technology for super-abrasive material in the ultra-high temperature vacuum environment or in the protective atmosphere by special melted alloys. The principle is to use the active ingredient of melted alloys and the surface elements of super-abrasive material at high temperature to achieve organic chemical bonding, to get high strength connection, which is based on the optimization and improvement of vacuum brazed technology. Therefore, the vacuum brazed superhard diamond tools have unequaled advantages.

Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel

(1) Comparison between vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools and traditional resin wheels

A: Because the vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools applied the steel as the base to guaranteed good strength. Therefore, there is no problem for normal operations of resin grinding wheels. It can also be for grinding and cutting. But the traditional resin grinding wheels cannot be for grinding and cutting at the same time.

However, the base of vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools is heavy, it is recommended to apply vertical downward operation, not lift upward operation.

(2) Life of single abrasive of vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools is much longer than that of traditional tools.

A: The vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools are mostly made of synthetic CBN and diamond powder. The strength of the super-abrasive abrasive itself is higher than that of traditional corundum abrasive. The bonding strength of the super-abrasive abrasive is much higher than that of resin bond. The super-abrasive abrasive particles will not fall off under normal conditions. The superhard abrasive particles will be worn down slowly, and then there have new grinding edges to achieve the purpose of continuous use. Therefore, life is much longer than the traditional resin wheel.

The above statement is based on the premise that the active solidification tool is optimized and the abrasive parameters match the processing conditions, rather than the simple combination of conventional processes.

(3) Vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools can be used for cast iron, but also for various hard materials.

A: Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel with active melting technology can be widely used in hard and brittle materials such as marble, granite, concrete, super-abrasive ceramic, and ferrous metal material such as grey cast iron, ductile iron, high strength steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, brass, purple copper, and special materials such as carbon fiber, nylon, plastics, resin, glass-ceramics, and composite materials such as CFRP, reinforced concrete, composite plates.

Therefore, vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools have many advantages in many applications. The adaptability of products needs to be precisely matched the different industries. The product performance in specific fields needs to be determined according to the applications and processing conditions.

Vacuum brazed diamond grinding tool for iron cast

(4) The high price of vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools is high and good performance ratio

A: Firstly, the vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools adopt the active melting technology, which is different from the technology of the traditional resin grinding wheel. The equipment is a high vacuum and high temperature melting furnace. The preparation process requires high precision and difficult. Secondly, the raw material of brazed vacuum super-abrasive tools is a high-grade synthetic diamond. The bond is active melt-bonded alloy. The above factors determine that the cost of the active melt-bonded grinding disc is much higher than that of resin grinding disc. Although the cost is high, the comprehensive performance ratio is still high according to the grinding performance and service life. The vacuum brazed super-abrasive tools can save more than 30% of the cost in the workshop.

Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel disc

(5) Large grinding wheelbase is steel, and the weight is too large, please choose the right grinding machine

A: Normal grinding wheel used in grinding machine has weight-reducing holes. In addition, the grinding wheelbase is thinned, which partly reduces the weight of grinding wheel. Although the weight of brazed vacuum diamond grinding wheels is increased compared with resin grinding wheels, the performance and life of grinding wheels are basically not affected under the normal operating conditions. It is suggested to improve the quality of the bearing, ensure the life of the grinding machine. In order to further popularize the brazed vacuum super-abrasive tools and maximize the potential of grinding wheels, it is suggested to select high-speed grinding machine (speed can reach more than 2000 rpm).