1800 Series Horizontal Honing Machine

  • High precision
  • Good stability performance
  • Long life
  • Simple operation

Horizontal honing is to rigidly connect the honing head to the spindle of the machine tool. The workpiece hole is sleeved on the honing head. The part hole is concentric with the spindle. The spindle rotates and the stroke mechanism drives the parts back and forth to realize the honing of parts.

The bearing of NEWDIAMOND-1800 horizontal honing machine applies German FAG/P4 bearing without refueling in 10 years. The variable-frequency drive is applied Sino-British joint venture OuRui brand with big output power and high stable work. The chassis part is overall casting structure which is different from the sheet metal welding structure of other honing machine manufacturers. The spindle and the stroke are in the same casting body, ensuring high precision and high stability of the honing.

Advantages of honing processing:

  1. High production efficiency. Heavy honing can be used when big allowance or semi-precision machining.
  2. High precision of honing the process. Since the wear of the honing stone is small, so the dimensional geometric precision is high, and the wear compensation of the honing stone is easy to realize, so the dimensional dispersion of the processing hole is small.
  3. Good surface finish and surface quality of honing. Since the cutting speed is low, and the cooling is not enough, and it is less likely to cause overheating which will crack and be deformed. Only choose the honing stone suitable for the material in the process. Obtain the same surface roughness and even mirror finish by selecting the reasonable process parameters. The machined surface is cross-textured and smooth due to the rotation and reciprocating motion of the honing stones.
  4. High clean of honing. Not use honing paste and use continuously honing liquid during the processing. Due to the wash action of the honing liquid, the grinding debris and the abrasive residue are rushed out of the workpiece, and the workpiece is not contaminated.
  5. The good economic effect of honing. Due to the high efficiency of honing processing, stable machining accuracy, and surface quality, the yield of parts is high and repairing rate is low.

1800 horizontal honing machine performance features

NEWDIAMOND -1800 horizontal honing machine performance features:

★ The overall structure of the machine tool is purely mechanical, simple, stable and reliable, and maintenance-free;

★Simple workpiece clamping

★ Spindle and stroke are controlled and braked by variable-frequency drive with high precision.

★ High-rigidity double-rail stroke bracket, stable stroke, and long service life;

★Mechanical zero stop- can set the specific honing size, automatically stop to size, high dimensional consistency.

★ Timing honing function – can set the honing time and stop automatically when time is over.

★ After honing the inner hole, the roundness can reach 0.001mm, the straightness can reach 0.001mm, and the dimensional dispersion can reach 0.005mm. The roundness can be up to 1μm and the dimensional dispersion can reach 3μm.

NEWDIAMOND horizontal honing machine technical parameters:

★Aperture: ф2.5mm-ф100mm, if the aperture is more than 100mm, please contact our company to customize products.

★Maximum hole length is 300mm.

★The stroke length can reach 160mm.

★Spindle speed: 200-2500 rpm, continuously variable frequency, spindle motor power 1.5KW.

★ Stroke speed: 80-310 times / min, five-stage variable frequency, stroke motor power 0.75KW

★ Oil pump motor: 0.125KW

★ Fuel tank capacity: 65 liters

★ Machine tool net weight: 580 kg

★ Dimensions: 1350*1250*1480mm, machine:grayish white

★ Power: 380V 50Hz 3Ph


The machine is widely used in the automotive industry, the motorcycle industry, pneumatic power tools,

cylinder liners, plunger, sewing industry, mold guide pillar guide sleeves, etc. It also widely used in processing workpieces of various materials such as aluminum parts, casting, stainless steel materials, ceramic products, quenching and non-quenching parts with high efficiency, high precision, and high finish.

Horizontal honing machine Applications

Horizontal honing machine construction and tool composition:

Spindle: The spindle is the main component of the horizontal honing machine, which is used for rigid connection of the honing head. The honing head is rotated to do honing and cutting motion when working.

Stroke mechanism: Drive the parts to make reciprocating stroke motion. The spindle speed and the reciprocating stroke can be adjusted according to the needs of the parts to obtain the relative position of the workpiece and the spindle to ensure that the corresponding parameters of the honing stone to the front and back holes of the workpiece, meeting the precision requirements of the workpiece machining.

Working guide rail: It is used to support the part clamp bracket connected with the stroke mechanism and guides the front and rear movement of the roller during the honing processing, so makes the axial 

Limited in the workpiece on the bracket moves back and forth stroke movement.

Feed mechanism: It is an important part of the honing machine. This advanced mechanism on the precision horizontal honing machine enables the feed of the honing stone to be done automatically, and the compensation mechanism is provided to ensure dimensional consistency.

Honing fluid system: In the honing process, the effect of the honing fluid is very important. The honing fluid washes the processed part, and cools and softens the surface, speed up the grinding action, and the honing fluid flows back to the tank together with the grinding debris and filters it again to make the honing fluid clean.

SUNNEN Horizontal honing machine construction and tool composition

Honing tools:

In the honing process, high efficiency, high precision, and low surface roughness are not only dependent on the performance of the horizontal honing machine but also closely related to the correct selection of the honing tools. The main honing tools are adapters, honing mandrels, honing stones, truing sleeves, etc.

Horizontal honing machine Honing head mandrel stone sitck

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