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40 – 5000#5-30mm150-5000mm

Diamond sanding abrasive belt is a kind of coated abrasive tool, which is superhard material (synthetic diamond) abrasive particles adhesive to the flexible base by bond.
Diamond sanding abrasive belt is divided into metal nickel plating electroplated bond and resin bond, resin bond also consists flexible and hard type.
There are many grinding advantages such as sharpness, durable, flexible, dry or wet grinding for diamond sanding abrasive belt with various patterns. Please choose different design patterns according to needs.
Backing Base
The main characteristics of the backing are thickness, softness, temperature resistance, and easy quickly removal. Select backing base according to the material which will be ground.
Bonded Type and Characteristics Analysis
Electroplated Bond Belt
Diamond particles are bonded on the required coated pattern by nickel plating, which form a sharp abrasive layer with very strong grinding force.
Resin Bond Belt
Resin bond divided into flexible and hard resin according to the degree of hardness.
With good softness and flexible coated patterns, flexible resin can better fit the surface of the workpiece and has better polishing performance. Because the resin is soft, wear is faster, and the temperature resistance is poor, it is not suitable to make coarse grit sized abrasive belt. While the flexible resin sanding abrasive belt must be for wet grinding, which also restrict the application under certain condition.

Thus,compared with the flexible resin, the wear resistance of hard resin is obviously improved, and the temperature resistance is better. Therefore, hard resin diamond sanding abrasive belt can dry grinding to meet the processing requirements of water-proof and oil-proof  products.Thicker resin abrasive layers make sanding belt to be various meshes, forming the system application from rough to finish grinding. But hard resin belt is not relatively flexible and suitable for roller with larger diameter, especially for thermal spray coating industry grinding.

Performance of Electroplated and Resin Diamond Sanding Abrasive Belt

BondedFeaturesPerformanceGrinding ForceSurface Quality
ElectroplatedCan be used for dry and wet grinding, from rough to finish polishingSuperior grinding forceElectroplated〉ResinResin> Electroplated
ResinMore flexible bond, flexible bond can be used for wet grinding, and hard resin bond can be used for dry grinding, from finish grinding to super finish polishingRelatively slow and stable grinding speed, and can reach better polishing effectHard resin> Flexible resinFlexible resin>Hard resin


Diamond sanding abrasive belt can be widely used for grinding steel, stone, glass, ceramics, mono crystalline silicon, polysilicon, zirconia, alumina, metal-nonmetallic synthetic materials, cemented carbide, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum beryllium alloy, titanium alloy and etc. hard brittle materials.

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