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Diamond Sanding Abrasive Belt for Thermal Spray Coating Industry

The grinding by diamond sanding belt for thermal spray coating industry can replace that of diamond grinding wheel and film polishing. Diamond sanding belt can complete the grinding and polishing process. Recently, it is widely used in the thermal spray coating industry, the production, and repair of hydraulic cylinder and turbine blade.

Features and Processing Characteristic of Thermal Spray Coating Products

 High-temperature thermal spray coating hardness, which is high-temperature alloy and special ceramic,  is generally above 1000HV 0.2, and the coating thickness is between 0.1mm and 0.5mm, and the coating is hard and thin. Owing to the high hardness of thermal spray coating, diamond abrasive tools are used in grinding process, but diamond grinding wheels have high consumption and high grinding temperature, burn the workpiece, affecting the surface and internal quality of the workpiece. But also diamond grinding wheels are often dressed, which wastes time and costs. While using traditional grinding wheels and grinding belts for grinding, it is low efficient and difficult to grind because of its low hardness.

Diamond Sanding Abrasive Belt for Thermal Spray Coating Industry 1

Select Hard Resin Diamond Sanding Belt

Diamond sanding belt (diamond abrasive belt) classification reference

Electroplated diamond sanding belt has an only a single abrasive layer, and it causes the below two questions: Diamond crystal cannot be broken and inactive because of insufficient contact pressure or low linear velocity. The cutting point of the diamond is carbonized because of the excessive heat generated from grinding tough metal.

We developed a hard resin diamond sanding belt (diamond abrasive belt) for precision roll processing, in order to avoid the waste of passivation, which was caused by improper operation for electroplated diamond sanding belt.

Owing to the multi-layer abrasive structure, the working layer of hard resin diamond sanding belt can appear new abrasives, constantly to ensure stable cutting ability and continuous consistency of the machining surface, effectively overcome the shortcomings of the electroplated abrasive belt in dry grinding, and improve the polishing effect in the mirror polishing stage, especially there is obvious advantage in the grinding and polishing of large rolls used in China and International market.

resin bond diamond sanding abrasive belt for grinding Thermal Spray Roller

At the same time, hard resin abrasive belt can complete the whole process of heavy roll from rough grinding to mirror polishing, avoiding the traditional process conversion from rough grinding of grinding wheel to finish grinding of the polishing belt, effectively reducing processing time and cost. Therefore,  hard resin diamond sanding belt is more widely used in thermal spray roll processing industry.

Thermal Spray Coating Processing Example and Diagram

Parameters of Grinding Machine and Material

Workpiece diameter 400mm*12 HVOF spraying

Grinding machine model: 65656

Belt speed: 22 m/s (2800rpm)

Belt contact workpiece mode: soft contact or hard contact.

Workpiece rotation speed: 30 RPM

Coolant: water or others.

Spray coating thickness: 250μm

Original roughness of spray coating: Ra 0.4mm-0.6mm

Machining allowance of spray coating:100μm

Coating thickness after processing: 150μm

The Scene of Diamond Abrasive Belt for Thermal Spray Roller

The Scene of Processing Thermal Spray Roller

Processing Diagram of grinding Thermal Spray Roller


Diamond sanding belt for Thermal Spray Coating Industry working process

The Video of Diamond Sanding Belt for Grinding Thermal Spray Roller


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