diamond knife sharpening belt


2. The advantage of a diamond knife sharpening belt compared with sharpening abrasive belt

3.Structure and features of diamond sharpening belt:

4. Why choose diamond sharpening belt not CBN sharpening belt?


1 Brief introduction of the application of diamond sharpening belts

Sanding belt grinder has been widely used in the field of knife sharpening grinding. Usually, silicon carbide sanding belts can be used for knife sharpening. With the development of diamond abrasive belt, it has been applied in the field of knife sharpening.4 advantages of using diamond abrasive knife sharpening belt


2 The advantage of a diamond sharpening belt compared with conventional sharpening belt

2.1 Faster grinding speed: The microhardness of diamond abrasives is 8000-10000, while that of silicon carbide is 3100-3400, and that of other fused aluminas abrasive is lower. Therefore, when grinding various kinds of carbon steel and alloy steel, diamond knife sharpening belt has a higher grinding ratio.

2.2 Good wear resistance: The hardness of the diamond determines its high wear resistance.

The service life of diamond knife sharpening belts is several times than that of conventional sharpening belt. Therefore, do not change the sharpening belt frequently in processing, which greatly improves work efficiency and effectively saves production cost and time cost.

2.3 Low heat: Because of fast grinding speed, short grinding process, less heat, it reduces the damage to the knife caused by heat.

2.4 Small amount of dust: Compared with conventional abrasives, diamond knife sharpening belt produces less dust and is more environmentally friendly.

2.5 High grinding accuracy: The hardness of diamond grains is high in the grinding process, so the whole shape of the abrasive belt has good retention. And the shape of the knife has good retention because of high grinding accuracy.

diamond knife sharpening belt

3. Structure and features of the diamond sharpening belt

Diamond sharpening belt is divided into electroplated type and resin type.

Electroplated diamond sharpening belt is that the diamond grains are arranged on the cloth base and fix the diamond grains by electroplated, and attached to the nylon with good tensile strength. Resin diamond knife sharpening belt is made of diamond powder, resin, filter and etc, mixed injection mold.

Electroplated diamond knife sharpening belt is used for a rough and semi-finish grinding knife.

best diamond sanding belts for knife sharpening

4. Why choose diamond sharpening belt not CBN sharpening belt?

It is well known that the thermal stability of the diamond is lower than that of CBN. When the temperature of the diamond reaches 700°C, and then the hardness of the diamond will decrease greatly. But the hardness of CBN cannot change when the temperature is over 1000°C. In addition, the carbon element in the diamond is reacted with iron group elements easily at high temperature. The steel used for knife contains iron group elements. So why is diamond abrasive belt used?

4.1 The knife sharpening belt is coated with low concentration diamond and the abrasive grains fall off quickly in the grinding process. And the grinding principle is different from that of bonded grinding tools such as the diamond grinding wheel. There will be no bonding in grinding iron group elements.

4.1 sharpening belt grinding is known as cold grinding. The grinding linear speed is low and the grinding temperature is much lower than that of wheel grinding.

4.2 The whole process of knife grinding is relatively short. In a short time, the temperature cannot be over 700°C.

4.3 The overall contact area of knife sharpening belt is large. The grinding time of knife sharpening belt is much less than that of grinding wheel in unit time for the same abrasive grain, and the heat generated is relatively low.

4 advantages of using diamond knife sharpening sanding belts

What conditions should be CBN belts used?

If the linear speed of knife sharpening belt is very high, and the quantity of knife to be processed is large, and the knife sharpening belt will grind for a long time, CBN abrasive belt can be used. In this case, the CBN abrasive belt can have good thermal stability and does not react with iron group elements, but the price is relatively high.


Generally speaking, a diamond knife sharpening belt can meet the requirements of knife grinding, and CBN can also be used according to the actual conditions. We offer standard sizes of 2×72″ knife sharpening belt, “1×30” knife sharpening belt and customized services. If diamond sharpening stones (diamond honing stones) are needed, we can also offer them. CBN sharpening stones also can be provided.