Diamond Grinding Wheel

  • High grinding efficiency
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High quality grinding workpiece
  • Low grinding cost

Bond Type

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Diamond grinding wheels are made of diamond powder, and there have the bond types of metal, resin, vitrified and electroplated bond. They are round bonded abrasive tools with central through-hole. They are mainly composed of the diamond layer, transition layer, and matrix.

According to the types of bond, diamond grinding wheels are divided into resin bond grinding wheel, metal bond grinding wheel, vitrified bond grinding wheel, electroplated bond grinding wheel.

Features and applications of resin bond diamond grinding wheels:

resin bonded diamond grinding wheel manufaturer

resin bonded diamond grinding wheel supplier

Good self -sharpening, less blocking

The wheel has a certain elasticity and is good surface finish, is mainly used for finishing, semi-finishing, sharpening and polishing

Easy to make diamond grinding wheels with complicated surface

Applications: Mainly used for semi-finish and finish grinding of tungsten carbide tools, steel-bonded cemented carbide, optical glass, and some non-metallic materials.

Features and applications of metal bond diamond grinding wheels:

metal bonded diamond grinding wheel supplier

metal bonded diamond grinding wheel manufaturer

Good rigidity and high strength.

Good wear resistance and long service life

Good shape retention and can bear a heavy load

Applications: Mainly used in rough and finish grinding glass, optical lens glass, ceramics, semiconductor materials, superhard materials, and other non-metallic materials, and few used for rough grinding and molding grinding cemented carbide.

Features and applications of vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels:

vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheel supplier

vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheel manufaturer

Vitrified bond has high strength and good heat resistance

Good sharpness and high grinding efficiency

Lower grinding heat, anti-clogging, small thermal expansion, and easy control machining accuracy

Easy dressing

Applications: Usually used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, molding grinding with large contact areas, sintered superhard abrasive grinding, such as carbide toolsPDCPCD and PCBN tools.

Features and applications of electroplated bond diamond grinding wheels:

electroplated bond diamond grinding wheel manufaturer

electroplated bond diamond grinding wheel supplier

Electroplated bond has high strength, thin abrasive layer, high abrasive density, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, good economy, no dressing.

Applications:  Mainly used for making complex shape diamond grinding tools, small diamond mounted points, cutting blades and high speed grinding.

The Scenes of Grinding Application

Diamond Grinding Wheel for Carbide: Carbide Saw blade, Carbide Drill Bit

diamond grinding wheel for carbide drill bit saw blades

Diamond Grinding Wheel for PCD , PDC Tools: PCD Blank, PCD insert, PCD Saw Blade, PDC Cutter, PDC Drill Bit

diamond grinding wheel for pcd blank insert PDC core bit

The Parameter of Diamond Grinding Wheel

The parameter of diamond cbn superabrasive Grinding WheelThe application of CBN and diamond wheel

The differences application of cbn wheel and diamond whee

For More Information on The Grinding Wheel

Please Download: Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels Catalog.PDF

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