• High grinding efficiency
  • Small grinding force
  • High wear resistance
  • High accuracy workpiece
  • Low grinding temperature

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) is a superhard material composed of diamond powder and cemented carbide matrix under high pressure and high temperature. It has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, high elasticity, etc. But it also puts forward high requirements for diamond grinding wheels.PDC cutter is widely used in drilling. Diamond wheels are used for cylindrical grinding in manufacturing and repair PDC bits. In the practical applications, choose resin bond or vitrified bond grinding wheels according to the detailed conditions. If the base of PDC bits contains iron-based elements, need to consider whether to apply hybrid abrasive (diamond and CBN) superhard grinding wheels.

Features and selection of bond:

Resin bond

Resin bond wheel has good self-sharpness, low price, and good surface finish. They are usually larger size grinding wheel.

In order to ensure the durability of the resin bond grinding wheel, the structure of the grinding wheel is compact, and there are no pores. Therefore, the grinding force is too large when grinding and then will cause a great impact on the spindle of the grinding machine.

1A1 Resin Diamond Wheel

1A1 wheels are used for cylindrical grinding in manufacturing and dressing PDC bits, and most of them are applied resin bond grinding wheels with diameter size above 350mm.

1a1 resin boned diamond grinding wheel

Common sizes:






1a1 resin bonded diamond grinding wheel for PDC drill bit

Centerless resin diamond wheel:

Resin bond centerless grinding wheel is applied in the finishing process of PDC cutter if high surface finish is required or consider the economic cost. The ground workpiece can achieve a high surface finish.

Centerless resin bonded diamond grinding wheel for PDC cutter tools

Vitrified bond

Good self-sharpening with pores and little damage to the spindle of the grinding machine

The grinding wheel is sharp and the grinding efficiency is high.

When grinding, the cutter is not back-off and the size of PDC is a good consistency.

Vitrified Wheel Specification

Grinding PDC cutter tools are generally divided into two processes: rough grinding and finish grinding.

1A1 vitrified bond grinding wheel is suitable for cylindrical rough machining of polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDC).

The 1A1 wheel is also widely used in the drilling site for dressing by the hand-held grinder. It can dress the outer diameter of PDC bits and remove welding debris around the bits. It has high efficiency and saves grinding time and labor’ physical strength. Common outer diameter is 200mm and 250mm.

Diamond Grinding Wheel for PDC 1

     1A1    200    50     75    10
     1A1250    50     7510
     1A1    300    50    127    10
     1A1    350    50    127    10
     1A1    400    50    203    10
     1A1    450    50    228.6    10
     1A1    500    50    305    10
      According to customers’ requirements

The centerless vitrified diamond grinding wheel is suitable for finish grinding polycrystalline diamond compacts(PDC).

vitrified centerless grinding wheel for pdc tool

1A1, 6A1, 9A1   200    50    75     10
1A1, 6A1, 9A1   250   100    75     10
1A1, 6A1, 9A1   300100,150    127     10
1A1, 6A1, 9A1   350  125,150    127     10
1A1, 6A1, 9A1   400  150,300    203     10
1A1, 6A1, 9A1   450150, 200, 300    228.6     10
1A1, 6A1, 9A1   500  150, 200    305     10
    According to customers’ requirements


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