Diamond Dicing Blade

  • High precision,
  • Thin blades
  • Good rigidity
  • Good wear resistance

Diamond Dicing Blade

Diamond dicing blades are mainly used in the precision manufacturing industry.

Features of diamond dicing blades:

used for precision machining, reducing process and improving production efficiency

used for microfabrication, saving valuable materials and reducing consumption

ensure the accuracy of cutting the workpiece

reducing production costs.


According to the structure, it can be divided into the soft blade and hard blade. Generally, the circular sheet grinding wheel is called “soft blade” and the combination of the grinding wheel and the aluminum alloy tool holder is called “hard blade”.

According to bond, it is divided into metal bond, resin bond, electroplated bond diamond dicing blade.

 metal bond, resin bond, electroplated bond diamond dicing blade

Metal bond and resin bond soft blades:

Metal bond diamond dicing blades (soft blades) have high strength, good rigidity, long life, mainly used in BGA, CSP, optical, sapphire, and etc.

Resin bond diamond dicing blades(soft blades) has good elasticity, self-sharpening, sharp cutting, good cutting quality, and can be used in hard and brittle materials, IR filter, optical, QFN, splitter, and etc.

1a8-a diamond dicing blade

1a8-2 diamond dicing blade

Metal Bond 


Resin Bond


Electroplated bond soft and hard blades:

Electroplated bond diamond dicing blades (soft blades) feature high strength, good rigidity, good shape retention and long service life. They can be used in ceramics, magnetic materials, PCB, silicon, etc.

Electroplated bond diamond dicing blades (hard blades) feature high precision and long life. They can be used in silicon and compound semiconductor wafers.


Diamond-Dicing-Blade 1


Compared with Disco and K&S

Thickness Comparison

We supply the thinnest dicing blade that can be 16-20μm, thickness and tolerance ranges are correspondence with range and Disco and K&S.

Thickness(μm)Tolerance Range(μm)Slot Width(mm)Slot Width(mm)Max Kerf:25μm
2016-20A 0.015-0.020Z 0.010-0.01515-200.6-0.8
2521-25B 0.020-0.025A 0.015-0.02021-250.8-1.0
3026-30C 0.025-0.030B 0.020-0.02526-301.0-1.2
3531-35D 0.030-0.035 31-361.2-1.4
4036-40E 0.035-0.040 37-411.4-1.6
5041-50F 0.040-0.050 42-511.6-2.0
6051-60G 0.050-0.060 52-642.0-2.5
7061-70H 0.060-0.070 65-762.5-3.0
8071-80I 0.070-0.080 77-893.0-3.5
9081-90J 0.080-0.090 90-1023.5-4.0
   K 0.090-0.100 103-1144.0-4.5


Exposure Comparison

The exposures of NZ dicing blades correspond to DISCO and K&S. At the same time, the exposures and the thickness ratio are controlled to be less than 33, ensuring the strength of the blade and avoiding oblique cutting and serpentine cutting path.

Tolerance Range(μm)380-510510-640640-760760-890890-10201020-1150

Diamond Grit Comparison

It is very important for diamond grit size subdivision. The finer grit size can reduce the front chipping, the coarser grit size can reduce the back chipping. Higher feed speed can improve the cutting life.The diamond grit size of DISCO blade is divided into 11 kinds, that of K&S blade is divided into 7 kinds, and that of NZ blade is subdivided into 11 kinds, which corresponds to DISCO completely.

Diamond Grit SizeDiamond Grit SizeDiamond Grit  Size

5000#, 4500#

4000#, 3500#

3000#, 2500#

2000#, 1800#

1700#, 1500#

#1500, #1700, #1800,

#2000, # 2500, #3000,

#3500, #4000, #4500,

#4800, #5000

G*, F 2-4μm

J*, K 2-6μm

Q*, S 4-6μm

U 4-8μm

Diamond Concentration Comparison

The higher diamond concentration can increase the cutting life, and the lower concentration can reduce the back side chipping. The concentration of DISCO blade can be divided into 5 kinds. There are only 3 kinds of diamond concentration of K&S blade. The concentration of NZ dicing blade can be sub divided into 5 kinds corresponding to DISCO.

Diamond ConcentrationDiamond ConcentrationDiamond Concentration











Super Low



Bond Hardness Comparison

Bond HardnessBond HardnessBond Hardness

S Soft Bond

M Middle Bond

H Hard Bond

O Standard

J  Soft

F Chipping

E Soft

Q Standard

V Hard

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