How to Use Engine Diamond Cylinder Honing Stones in Auto Industry 2019

Diamond Cylinder Honing Stones

1.Importance of Honing in Automotive Industry

2.Basic Principle of Honing

3.Basic Types of Cylinder Honing Stones Abrasives

4.Application of Diamond Honing in Flat Top Honing

diamond cylinder honing stones head

1.Importance of honing in the automotive industry

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the requirements for the performance of automotive engines are higher and higher. The automobile engine is the most important part of the automobile. Honing is the main way to process cylinder holes. So, the way of honing process and the quality of diamond cylinder honing stones affect the quality of the cylinder. the vertical honing machine is used in the process。

Why honing technology is used to process cylinders?

The surface of the cylinder block bears high temperature, high pressure, and high load.

So the lubrication of the surface of the cylinder block is very important. After honing, cylinder block forms the micro support platform and the honing cross-hatch angle, and they play a good lubricating role.

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If the supporting platform is too small, the running-in period of the engine is long, and it causes the early wear of the cylinder easily. If the supporting platform is too large, it will not form an effective lubricating film because of an insufficient amount of lubricating oil, which is not good for the lubrication of piston rings.

If the honing cross-hatch angle is too small, the engine tends to be non-lubricated. If the honing cross-hatch angle is too large, the engine oil consumption will increase.

These special requirements of the engine are difficult to be realized by conventional processing in the actual production, which is also the reason why honing is the main method of cylinder hole in the automotive manufacturing industry in the world.

2.Honing mechanism

The principle of the honing process is different from that of general machining. And it is very similar to the principle of grinding process of grinding wheel. Honing machining process is formed by very sharper grinding grains which are exposed on the surface of the stones. With the advancing of the process, the grinding grains on the surface of other stones gradually fall off. The grinding grains in the conventional ceramics or diamond stones gradually expose and then honing.

The features of honing:

Conventional or diamond cylinder honing stones have a low linear velocity, which will not cause burns the surface of the workpiece.

Honing machining allowance is less, so the production efficiency is higher, and it is suitable for bulk production.

After honing, the surface of the workpiece has cross-hatched, and the changes of the cross-hatch angle can meet the special requirements of engine performance.

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3 Cylinder honing stones abrasives

The abrasive of honing stone has an important influence on the processing quality and efficiency of a cylinder hole. Besides directly affecting the macroscopic geometric accuracy of the cylinder hole, it also affects the microscopic surface structure and the distribution of lubricating oil grooves. Alumina, silicon carbide, CBN, and synthetic diamond are used as abrasives for various honing stones.

The commonly used bonds are a vitrified bond, resin bond, copper-based metal bond, and etc. Cylinder hole honing stone is mostly sintered metal bond with diamond.

Why do you use sintered copper-based diamond cylinder honing stones?

A: There are a lot of air holes in the internal structure of sintered diamond cylinder honing stones in order to stock the chips in the honing process.

B: Copper-based metal bond has the features of high strength. Choose the metal bond with appropriate parameters to improve the self-sharpening of diamond in cylinder honing process.

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C: Synthetic diamond has very high hardness and good cutting efficiency. In the honing process, diamond abrasive grains break up and fall off under the action of external force. Abrasive grains automatically reveal new cutting edges and continue to participate in cutting, so that the cutting process continues to work.

4. How to select the suitable diamond cylinder honing stones in the flat top honing process?

The most distinctive feature of flat top honing of engine cylinder hole is that there is a flat top honing process on the basis of rough honing and finish honing. The cylinder sleeve after processing has the features of high surface supportability, long service life, and good lubricity, and is widely used by state factories.

When honing cylinder holes roughly, choose cylinder honing stone with large particle size diamond, which can make the surface dimension of cylinder block reach the desired shape and size initially and quickly, and build the basis of the subsequent honing process.

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Honing stone with fine grain diamond is used for finish honing. The purpose is that grind the cylinder hole to the meet the accuracy requirements about tolerance of shape and size. At this time, there are deep scratches on the surface of the workpiece in the finish honing process. These scratches are grooves for storing lubricating oil during the working process of the engine.


In summary, engine diamond cylinder honing stones have been widely used in the automotive industry. Choosing good honing stones can greatly improve processing efficiency.