Diamond Cut Off Wheel

Diamond cutting wheel is mainly used for grooving and cutting.
  • High precision, it can be used for precision grooving and cutting, reducing process.
  • Narrow cutting crack, greatly improve the utilization ratio of raw materials.
  • High efficiency and sharp cutting
  • High rigidity, high strength and long service life


        1. Tungsten carbide (YG8) rods and sheets, tungsten steel round rods, (rod segmented blanking) drill bit,

            PCB board drill bit, die thimble, mold tip, motor pole, file, shuttle for textile industry, machine tool axis diameter, machine tool axis center,

           woodworking tools, high-precision, and high wear-resistant molds, X-ray radiation-proof panels, etc.

  1. Fuse glass tube;
  2. quartz glass, various glass tubes, crystallite glass, precious stones, crystals, jade materials, etc.
  3. Silicon oxide / zirconia / alumina / black ceramic / glass products / ceramic pipes, etc.;
  4. Sapphire
  5. High borosilicate glass tube, quartz tube, induction lighting,U-tube, electronic cigarette tube, chemical laboratory equipment, etc.
  6. Glass cup (tea leak) opening;
  7. Quartz glass tube, quartz glass rod, quartz glass sheet, fused quartz glass tube (heart tube), fused quartz glass rod, quartz glass boat, quartz crucible, etc.
  8. Magnetic materials: neodymium iron boron, silicon steel, amorphous, nanocrystalline,
    ferrite material, magnetic powder core, etc.
  9. Optical glass: camera lens, microscope lens, magnifying lens, telescope lens, spectacle lens, glass lens, optical prism;
  10. Printed circuit board,Electronic components.
  11. High-speed steel, die steel, alloy steel, and etc.(Need use CBN cut off wheel

Applications of diamond cut off wheel (1)

Applications of diamond cut off wheels

Types of diamond cut off wheel

According to the structure, it is divided into hub type and hubless type, Some blades are also called diamond dicing blades.

Hub diamond cut off wheel refers that the outer ring the grinding wheel is an abrasive layer, and central part is high strength and high rigid metal materials, also known as outer ring diamond cut off wheel. There are two kinds of metal bond and resin bond.

Metal bond cut off wheel has high bonding strength, wear resistance, good shape retention, and long service life.

Metal bonded diamond cut off wheel

Resin bond cut off wheel has elasticity, good surface quality, the good edge for abrasive grains, sharp cutting and high efficiency.

resin bonded diamond cut off wheel for ceramic glass carbide


The main models of diamond cut off wheels are 1A1/3, 1A1R/4, 1A1/5 and 1A1R/6.

1A1/3 and 1A1R/4 refer to the hub type cut off wheels without water slot, and 1A1/5 and 1A1R/6 refer to the outer with water slot.

1a1 diamond cut off wheel 1A1R diamond cut off wheel

1a1-5 diamond cut off wheel 1A1-6 diamond cut off wheel


1A1 type diamond cut off wheel

Main features: The thickness of abrasive working layer is the same as that of the matrix.

High precision, mostly used for high precision grooving and cutting

1A1R type diamond cut off wheel

Main features: The thickness of the abrasive working layer is thicker than that of the matrix. It is easy to chip removal and cooling, and mostly used for deep cutting and grooving of components.


Order Guideline:

When first order, please provide the following parameters, so that we can help you choose the most suitable cut off wheel.

Types: 1A8, 1A1, 1A1R, 3A1, 14A1, 1B1, 1E1, etc.

Specifications: abrasive, grit, bond type, outer diameter, thickness, inner diameter, working layer width, matrix thickness, etc.

Usages: workpiece name, cutting size, cutting material, grooving or cutting off, etc.

Application conditions: machine, grinding wheel speed, feed speed, cutting depth, dry or wet cutting, etc.

Cutting requirements: cutting accuracy, rip requirements, superficial integrity, etc.

Special requirements: whether combination use, whether electric conduction is required for resin cut off wheel, whether there are water slots for outer cut off wheel, numbers, and specifications of water slots, whether the matrix of 1A1 type cut off wheels have slots for removing chips, etc.

The Guide of Using Diamond Cut Off Wheel

Diamond cut off wheel is mainly used for precision grooving and cutting off. Usually, the deep cut slow feed grinding wheel method is applied. It features big grinding depth, small feed speed, the large contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, narrow slit, high metal removal rate, high grinding precision, good processing surface quality, and high material utilization rate. The general rules are as follows:

  • The hubless cut off wheel is thin( more than 0.5mm), small in outer diameter(20-100mm) with fine size, high dimension and shape accuracy, and lightweight. It can be used under high-speed condition. RPM is 5000-40000.
  • The hub cut off wheel is thick(0.5-2mm), large in diameter(100-200mm) with coarse grain size and low precision. It can be used under the condition of lower rotation speed and large depth of cut. RPM is 3000-10000.
  • Diamond cut off wheel often uses fine grain size, and usually the thinner the thickness of the abrasive, the fine the grain size will be, and the surface quality is good. However, the finer the abrasive grain size, the corresponding cutting sharpness decreases, and the feed rate is correspondingly reduced to accommodate the machinability of the abrasive grain size.
  • The cutting depth of the diamond cut off wheel is usually determined by the user according to the parts. Most of the cutting is performed by the slow feed grinding process, and the depth is cut once. In this way, since the cut off wheel is thine and the cutting conditions are poor( the three sides are in contact with the workpiece), it is difficult to dissipate heat. To increase the cooling of the cutting zone.
  • When the diamond cut off wheel is used on the machine at the beginning, the wheel is not cut and the workpieces collapse, it is recommended to increase the cutting speed or reduce the feed rate. After using a period of time, it is recommended to use it when it is not cut or collapsed. And the right grain size of stones is used to sharpen the surface of the grinding wheel to adjust its sharpness.
  • The surface quality of the workpiece and cutting performance are mainly related to the abrasive grain size of diamond cut off wheel. The finer the grain size, the better the surface finish is. At the same time, it is also related to the workpiece material, hardness, cutting amount, machine tool conditions, processing requirements, and other factors.
  • Diamond cut off wheels have been trued and sharpened before leaving the factory, and they can be used directly by the user. If the users need further dressing, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white fused alumina. And the grain size is coarser than that of the cut off wheel. If the users need to further sharpen or sharpening after using a period of time, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white fused alumina. The grain size is finer 1-2# than that of cut off wheels or the same number.
  • The cutting amount is usually related to the material to be processed, hardness, precision, processing requirements, etc. It is recommended to use it under the original conditions of the users when using it for the first time. Do not change the cutting amount easily.
  • The user’s conditions are also the main factor affecting the cutting performance. In particular, the spindle axial movement, radial runout, flange parallelism and dynamic balance accuracy of the machine tool directly affect the cutting precision of the cut off wheel.

Operating Specification of Diamond Cut Off Wheel

  1. Please check carefully before installing the cut off wheel to confirm whether it has deformation, cracks, and collapse.
  2. When the flange is too small or the precision is poor, the wheel is easily damaged. Please use it after improvement.
  3. When the wheel is marked with the direction of rotation, it should be in the same direction as the machine tool. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp and it is difficult to perform the performance of the cut off wheel.
  4. If the wheel that does not match the workpiece is used, it is prone to abnormal wear, poor sharpness, abnormal heat, and etc. 
  5. If abnormalities are found during the cutting process, stop immediately.
  6. When the cutting is not sharp, the wheel should be dressed and sharpened. If it continues to be used, it will cause overheating and overloading and damage the cut off wheel.
  7. In the wheel rotation, do not cut by hand, do not touch the wheel by hand or body. 

       8. The cut-off wheel is strictly prohibited for operations other than grooving or cutting off, to avoid abnormalities due to uneven force.

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