Brief OF Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

The cylindrical grinding wheel, it is mainly used in the cylindrical grinding machine to grind the outer cylinder, outer cone and shoulder end face of the shaft workpiece. according to the type of abrasive, there are two kinds of conventional abrasives and superabrasives.


Cylindrical grinding machines are very common in various production sites and machinery manufacturing factories. With convenience and high efficiency, cylindrical grinding machines have become important equipment for the machinery industry. There are certain requirements for choosing grinding wheel in the use of a cylindrical grinding machine. If the grinding wheel is well selected, it is good for the service life and maintenance of the machine. It is very important to choose suitable cylindrical grinding wheels.

Cylindrical Grinding

Conventional Abrasive Cylindrical Grinding Wheels:

    1. Selection of hardness of the cylindrical grinding wheel

The harder the grinding roller surface, the softer hardness of the grinding wheel is.

(1) If the grinding wheel wears too fast, it means that the grinding wheel for the roll is too soft, the following improvement measures can be taken.

A.Increase the linear velocity of the grinding wheel

B. Increase the longitudinal feed speed of the base plate, that is, the longitudinal feed of the workpiece per revolution of the base plate is increased to 2/3-3/4 of the width of the grinding wheel.

C. Reduce the speed of the roll.

(2) If the above measures are taken, there is no obvious grinding effect, indicating that the grinding wheel is too soft and not suitable. It should be chosen for the harder grinding wheel.

Conventional Abrasive Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

  1. Selection of the bond for cylindrical grinding wheel

Resin bond grinding wheel is used for grinding the roll surface except mirror grinding, and other grinding apply vitrified bond grinding wheels.

  1. Selection of abrasives for cylindrical grinding wheel

Corundum grinding wheels are used for hardened or non-hardened steel rolls. Silicon carbide grinding wheels are used for chilled cast iron rolls, rubber rolls, copper roll, and granite rolls. For steel rolls with different materials, the corundum grinding wheel should be matched to obtain high grinding precision and surface quality. For example, chrome corundum(PA) grinding wheels are applied by alloy steel rolls, heat-resistant alloy steel rolls use zirconium corundum(ZA) grinding wheels, and stainless steel rolls use single crystal corundum(SA) grinding wheels.

Silicon carbide abrasive for Cylindrical Grinding Wheels


Corundum abrasive for Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

  1. Selection of grain size of cylindrical grinding wheels

Coarse grain size(24-60) grinding wheel is used for rough grinding. Fine-grain size(60-100) grinding wheel is used for fine grinding. The 150-grain grinding wheel is used for precision grinding. When super-finish grinding or mirror grinding, abrasive power (W63-W14) grinding wheel will be chosen.

Superabrasive Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

There are CBN and diamond abrasives.

diamond and cbn abrasives for Cylindrical grinding wheel

CBN wheels are mainly used for grinding steel materials, while diamond wheels are used for the cylindrical grinding of tungsten steel, ceramics, and other materials.

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In the process of choosing a cylindrical grinding wheel, the parameters such as abrasive, bond, shape, etc are related to the processing quality of the workpiece and grinding efficiency.