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Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel

Cubic boron nitride grinding wheel is a kind of circular bonded abrasives with a central through-hole. It is made of cubic boron nitride (CBN) powder, metal, resin, vitrified and electroplated bond. It consists of cubic boron nitride (CBN), transition layer and matrix.

CBN is a superhard material whose hardness is second only to diamond. It also has high heat resistance and chemical inertia to iron group metals. So, it is widely used in the processing of high-speed steel, heat resistant steel, high strength steel, and high-temperature alloy.

There are resin bond grinding wheels, metal bond grinding wheels, vitrified bond grinding wheels and electroplated bond grinding wheels for cubic boron nitride grinding wheels.

Resin bond CBN grinding wheel:

Resin bond CBN grinding wheel supplier

Resin bond CBN grinding wheel manufacturer

With phenolic resin, polyimide resin, polyurethane resin, and other high performance and new resin as the bonding agent, it has good self-sharpening and high grinding efficiency.

Widely used in high vanadium high-speed steel cutting tools, stainless steel, tool steel and die steel, and heat resistant workpiece semi-finish and finish grinding.

Metal bond CBN grinding wheel:

Metal bond CBN grinding wheel supplier

Metal bond CBN grinding wheel manufacture

Generally, use the bronze bond, and its comprehensive ability is higher than that of the resin bond. The grinding wheel has high strength and long service life.

Mainly used for mold grinding metal materials and grinding various alloy steels. 

vitrified CBN grinding wheel:

vitrified CBN grinding wheel manufacture

vitrified CBN grinding wheel supplier

Vitrified bond has the common advantages of metal and resin bond. Therefore, it has sharp cutting, low grinding force, high production efficiency, long service life, easy dressing, high grinding precision, low grinding temperature, and high durability of the workpiece.

It is used for grinding titanium alloy, vanadium alloy steel, tungsten molybdenum high-speed steel, special high-speed steel, and cobalt alloy steel. Also, it is used for rough and finishes grinding crankshafts, precision bearings, camshafts, and other workpieces. It is used for grinding high precision gears, gear shapers, precision lead screw, machine tool guideway, and other large workpieces.

Electroplated CBN grinding wheel:

Electroplated CBN grinding wheel supplier

Electroplated CBN grinding wheel manufacturer

An electroplated bonding agent is easy to make CBN wheels with complex shapes and to mold grinding. 

Used for machining complex surfaces with high grinding efficiency and without dressing.

CBN Grinding Wheels Specification

resin diamond grinding wheel specifications

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