• High hardness
  • High grinding ratio 
  • Long service life

The hardness of CBN abrasive belt is lower than that of diamond abrasive belt (CBN: 7000-9000; diamond: 8000-10000). But the thermal stability of CBN abrasive belt is much higher than that of diamond abrasive belt, especially when machining iron group metal elements, it has good chemical inertia (diamond abrasive in high temperature during grinding iron group elements makes diamond carbonize easily), and it is not easy to bond.

Features of the CBN abrasive belt:

  1. The hardness of CBN abrasive belt is much higher than that of conventional abrasive belt. It is suitable for machining materials with high hardness, high toughness, high strength and low thermal conductivity. Compared with diamond abrasive belt, its metal abrasion rate is 10 times higher than that of diamond abrasive belt.
  2. CBN abrasives have excellent grinding performance. Because they are sharper than conventional abrasives, when machining difficult-to-machine material, they are not only efficient, but also the workpiece after processing has good shape, high dimensional accuracy, good grinding quality and good surface integrity. The workpiece processed has longer service life and higher reliability.
  3. CBN abrasive belt features high hardness, high grinding ratio and long service life. Compared with conventional abrasive belt, it can save cost.
  4. The shape and size of CBN abrasive belt change little in the process of using, especially suitable for machining high precision parts in CNC machining center.
  5. In the process of machining workpiece, CBN abrasive belt can keep sharp cutting force for a long time, and grinding force is small, and the workpiece processed has high accuracy and high finish, and the power consumption of the lathe can also be controlled.
  6. The temperature is low in grinding process. The surface quality of the workpiece processed is high, effectively avoiding the workpiece crack and burn.
  7. Compared with conventional abrasives, there are less dust and reduce environmental pollution and harm to employees for CBN abrasives.

Applications of CBN abrasive belt

CBN abrasive belt is used to machine containing iron elements hard-to-process materials such as iron and steel, iron alloy, etc. Especially for the surface grinding and polishing of high hardness steel such as high carbon steel, alloy steel and hardened steel, and for the places requiring automatic control, precision and ultra-precision grinding and polishing.

Examples of CBN abrasive belt

Application in precision bearing grinding technology

The abrasive belt is often used for grinding and polishing the surface of precision bearing after forming. But the requirements of shape accuracy and surface finish of finished products are very high. If use conventional abrasive belt, it has poor surface shape retention, and the abrasive passivates easily, and then the chips heat easily, and it has low machining efficiency. While, the abrasive belt has short service life and is needed to replace frequently, so the operator’s technical level is required to be higher.

If use CBN abrasive belt, the abrasive has good shape retention and long service life. It reduces the frequent for replacing belt, and greatly improves the production efficiency.

Applications in CNC abrasive belt grinder

CNC abrasive belt grinder can be used to grind complex curved surface such as all kinds of automotive machine blades and aero-engine blades, as well as to grind and polish propellers, impellers etc. parts.  Conventional abrasive belt has been used for CNC abrasive belt grinder. But it is needed to replace the belt frequently, and greatly reduce the efficiency for CNC grinder. Use CBN abrasive belt, it not only improves the machining efficiency, but also improve the machining quality of the workpiece and reduce the labor cost.