Cast Iron Cutting Grinding Tools

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  • high strength
  • High efficiency
  • Friendly environment
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Cast Iron Cutting Grinding Tools

Cast iron cutting and grinding tools are designed with single layer vacuum brazed technology. Recently, there are diamond grinding wheels, diamond cutting discs, brazed diamond grinding discs and diamond mounted points.

The design principle of vacuum brazed superabrasive tools

The Vacuum brazed diamond tool consists of three parts: base, super-abrasive and solder. As shown in Figure 2.3, the base acts as the carrier of super-abrasive particles and matches the processing conditions with a specific shape. The abrasive acts as a tool for material removal. The solder is the material connecting the base with the abrasive, which determines the welding performance of the abrasive, and even affects the performance of the whole tool.

Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel disc consists of three parts for iron cast

The three factors of base, super-abrasive and solder determine the basic structure, application, and performance of vacuum brazed diamond tools. But the above factors are not independent, tools design need to consider the relationship, such as the adaptability and matching of base and solder, bonding performance between base and solder. Also, need to consider the impact of processing objects and processing conditions on design elements (Figure 2.4), such as the presence or absence of coolant, grinding or cutting methods, etc.

the Diamond grinding wheel disc for cast iron impact of processing objects and processing conditions on design elements

In the process of manufacturing vacuum brazed tools, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of cast iron, combining with the practical problems in the processing of cast iron, adopt high-quality stainless steel matrix with reasonable design structure, select high-quality diamond powder and solder, use advanced vacuum brazed technology and equipment. Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutting disc, diamond grinding disc, diamond mounted point for cast iron features high efficiency, long life, and safety, which can replace the ordinary abrasives. Read details about Why Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools Is Best Cast Iron Grinding Cutting Tools.

Applications of cast iron cutting and grinding tools:

Sand casting iron castings:(Auto parts, ductile cast pipes, etc.)

Precision casting steel castings: (304 stainless steel, etc.)

Carbon steel profiles for construction industry: (Steel bar, channel steel, color steel tile, etc.)

Steel rail for rail transit :(Steel rail of subway and high-speed rail)

The optimum processing conditions:

Gray iron and ductile iron: section equivalent diameter is less than 80mm,

Carbon steel: section equivalent diameter is less than 25mm.

Advantages of super hard cutting and grinding tools compared with traditional grinding tools

Alloy steel is used in the matrix, and no bursting.

The efficiency is about 40% higher than that of traditional resin tools.

Long life: The life is about 80 times that of traditional resin tools.

It is suitable for automation equipment. External diameters will not be reduced when using, and there will be no frequent switching operations.

No dust when working, and greatly improve the working environment.

No special requirements for storage environment.

More detailed advantages description

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cutting Discs

vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc for Grinding Cast Iron

Product NameItem No.SpecificationApplicationApplied Machine
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cutting Disc100-03100*16*1.2Cutting steel bar, thin wall pipe, color steel tileΦ100 hand held grinder
125-03125*22.23*1.5Φ125 hand held grinder
150-03150*22.23*2.5Cutting and grinding casting risers and burrs of grey iron and ductile ironΦ150 hand held grinder
180-03180*22.23*2.5Φ180 hand held grinder
230-03230*22.23*2.5Φ230 hand held grinder
350-05350*32*2.5Cutting casting risers of grey iron and ductile iron, building profiles, ductile cast pipes, steel rails, etcprofile cutting machine
400-08T400*32*2.9304 stainless steel and etc. precision casting steel castingssemi-auto cutting machine and auto cutting machine

 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Cutting Disc

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Disc for Cast Iron

Product NameItem No.SpecificationTypeApplicationApplied Machine
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Disc100-07S100*16FlatCutting and grinding castings risers of grey iron and ductile ironΦ100 hand-held grinder
125-07S125*22.23Φ125 hand-held grinder
150-07S150*22.23Φ150 hand-held grinder
180-07S180*22.23Φ180 hand-held grinder
100-09100*16ConvexΦ100 hand-held grinder
125-09125*22.23Φ125 hand-held grinder
150-09150*22.23Φ150 hand-held grinder
180-09180*22.23Φ180 hand-held grinder

 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheel and Mounted Point

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheel and Mounted Point for cast iron

Product NameSpecification   ApplicationApplied Machine
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding WheelCustomized upon requestGrinding iron casting and precision casting steel castings risers and burrs of grey iron and ductile irondirect portable grinder and vertical high-speed grinder
Vacuum Brazed Diamond Mounted PointCustomized upon requestGrinding cast iron castings edges of grey iron and ductile ironstraight grinder

We can supply customized products for all kinds of cast iron cutting and grinding tools.

Some pictures and parameters in the product description are provided by Dr. Bo Wang.

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