Sanding abrasive belt is a kind of coated abrasive tools. Sanding abrasive belt is a kind of grinding and polishing process with the highest grinding efficiency in coated abrasive industry in terms of its principle and applications.

Features of sanding abrasive belt:

1. Abrasive belt grinding is a kind of elastic grinding, so the abrasive belt grinding is a kind of composite process with grinding and polishing.

2. The abrasive grains on the abrasive belt have stronger cutting ability than that on the grinding wheel. So the abrasive belt has high grinding efficiency.

sanding abrasive belt tools

3. The grinding speed is stable because the contact wheel does not wear, the abrasive belt can keep uniform motion. It is nothing like the grinding wheel, the smaller the grinding diameter, the slower the speed.

4. High precision of abrasive belt grinding. Owing to the improvement of the quality of abrasive belt production and the production level of grinding machine of abrasive belt, the abrasive belt is in the precision and super precision grinding industry.

5. The grinding cost of sanding belt is low.

5.1 Compared with grinding wheel grinding machine, it is simple of a structure with short transmission chain for the sanding belt grinding machine. The main reasons are that the weight of abrasive belt is light, and grinding force is small, and the vibration is small when grinding, and the rigidity and strength requirements of the machine are far lower than that of grinding wheel grinding machine.

5.2 It is simple for operation for the abrasive belt grinding. Whether it is manual or motor-driven abrasive belt grinding, its operation is very simple. From the replacement and adjustable of the abrasive belt to the clamping of the workpiece, all can be done in a very short time.

5.3 The large sanding belt grinding ratio, high utilization of machine powder, and high cutting efficiency make the tools consumption and energy cost less for cutting the same weigh or same volume materials.

6. It is safe and reliable, and low noise and less dust, and easy to control and friendly environment for the abrasive belt grinding. Because the sanding belt is very light, there is no danger of injury even if it breaks off. The sanding belt is not like grinding wheel that removal sand is serious. In dry grinding, the debris is mainly the material of the workpiece will be processed. It is easy to recover and control dust. Owing to the rubber contact wheel, the abrasive belt cannot form the rigid impact on the workpiece, like grinding wheel. Therefore, the noise is very small when processing.

diamond sanding abrasive belt tools

7 High adaptable of abrasive belt grinding technology

7.1The abrasive belt can be used for plane grinding, internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, and complex curved surface grinding. The abrasive belt can process the difficult-to-grind parts, such as a precision process for super long and super large shafts and plane parts. New type resin bond diamond abrasive belt have incomparable advantages in the processing of thermal spraying roller.

7.2 There are many kinds of the abrasive belts for different backings, abrasives, bond types. There are ordinary abrasive belt, CBN abrasive belt, electroplated diamond abrasive belt, resin bond diamond sanding belt for available. Various size, length, and width are for available, and various rolls, bands are for available.

The abrasive sanding belt can process the same workpiece by various grinding methods and process structures.